Live at the rex

It all started way back in 1984 when trombonist Dan Douglas, a student at Humber College in Toronto, was asked to put together a Dixieland jazz band for a school function. He threw together a group to do the job, and the Dixie Demons were born. His excellent band was noticed, and when Humber College was asked to supply music for the Ontario Pavilion at Expo 86, the Demons were a natural fit for this very prestigious opportunity. 

The band developed over the next few years as Dan worked to become one of Toronto's finest trombonists. While at Humber, Dan connected with multi-instrumentalist Ross Wooldridge, who was as passionate about this kind of jazz as he was. Being kindred spirits made for the perfect formula, and the duo become co-leaders of the Dixie Demons. The remainder of the band membership was a delightful evolution, which once established has remained essentially unchanged for nearly 30 years. The striking logo also was developed during that time as the band made efforts to increase their profile. The Dixie Demons Jazz Band continues to perform regularly for delighted audiences in the corporate world, the clubs, and the concert/festival scene.

Each member of the Dixie Demons enjoys a busy career as professional musician in Toronto. Nurturing those careers left precious little time to devote to recording the band. Finally, when they could no longer ignore the fans clamouring to buy a recording, and as jazz of this nature is best enjoyed live, the many performances that the Dixie Demons have performed at the Rex Hotel in Toronto made it the unanimous choice as to where to record their first album.

As one delighted fan said at the recording, "It's about time!"

Recorded May 9th, 2003, at the Rex Hotel, Toronto Ontario.

  • Recorded digitally on Nuendo, by Bryden Baird.

  • Engineered and mixed by Phil Disera.

  • Produced by Ross Wooldridge, Phil Disera and Dan Douglas.

  • Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions.

  • Executive Producer: Elizabeth McCurdy.

Dixie Demons 'Live At The Rex' CD Cover

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