Fossil fuel

Fossil Fuel, our second CD, is a project 26 years in the making. As a follow up to “Live at the Rex”, the Dixie Demons were very interested in getting some of their original material recorded. This was the focus of the Fossil Fuel project.

The disc is a collection of tunes from their repertoire that represents both the old and the new. Original music in the early jazz style, coupled with some of the classics of this era, make this a truly unique compilation. The disc highlights the amazing ensemble playing of the band, as well as featuring its many talented soloists (not to mention a few vocals from Phil and Dan).

Ross, Phil and Dan have penned several original works over the years and the band regularly played these tunes at their concerts. Arrangements and voicings evolved over time to the point that the tunes literally arranged themselves. Ross took these impromptu pieces and refined them to perfection for the recording session. All that was left was to put them into the digital realm. That’s how Fossil Fuel came to be.

Produced by Ross Wooldridge, Dan Douglas, and Phil Disera
Recorded at Canterbury Sound, Toronto, Ontario
Engineered by Jeremy Darby
Edited and mixed by Ross Wooldridge, Dan Douglas, and Phil Disera

Mixing and Editing Engineer: Phil Disera
Mastered by Andy Krehm, Silverbirch Productions, Toronto, Ontario
Photography by Brian Legere
Graphic Design by Sally Hewson Design,Toronto, Ontario
Executive Producer Dan Douglas

Fossil Fuel CD Cover

Dixie Demons Clapping

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